Welcome to Mr. Larkin’s HS Math Class!


Please see the links to the right to access your homework assignment and see when your next test will be.


Remember that each homework, test, and quiz can be corrected until you receive a perfect score. Homework assignments and quizzess must be redone for corrections. For tests, if you earned below a 70%, you must redo the original test problems until they are correct, at which point you will receive a 70%. Once you have at least a 70% on your test, you need to find problems in the book similar to the ones that you missed and do one problem for each point you missed. Each one you do correctly will raise your test grade by one point, up to, but not exceeding, 100%.

Any assignment, quiz, or test may be redone until perfect. HOWEVER, all corrections must be completed within 5 school days of the original due date, and will only be accepted from students who have all of their work in.